Over the week of the work, i have my tech stack run over pretty much like 40 hours and i felt i am little bit bugged down by the slowliness of my system. So, I wanted to make my system a faster, minimal and handy.

So before diving deep, here’s my current Tech Stack and the solution i implemented to deal with them in my system.

Main Stack!

1. Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04

I moved to Ubuntu 18.04 from Ubuntu 17.04 because of the stability and LTS. Ubuntu 17.04 is non-LTS version and it stopped giving me updates and the programs error were quietly bugging me down.

Possible solution: Ubuntu 18.04 is much slower than previous LTS version. I am probably thinking of making move to Arch linux.

Window Manager:

I have been using I3 as my primary window manager. Its not bit fancy but most efficient window manager i have tried on. It really uses so much less RAM that we were eventually running something > big with sytem having just 1 GB RAM back in college days. Checkout my i3 config here.

2. IDE: RubyMine

I use RubyMine IDE for rails development at work and my other work. It is quite heavy and nice in many ways specially the way it is made with focus in rails development.

Possible solution: It is currently good but i would like to make editor to replace IDE that are both heavy and resource hungry!

3. Browser: Firefox

Firefox is my favorite browser which i mostly use for work.

Possible solution: Firefox is currently good however not many plugins as of chrome but good in sense it doesn’t utilize as much RAM as Google Chrome does.

4. Terminal: zsh + tmux

I use zsh which is the extended version of the Bash and tmux for multiplexing my terminal screen for mostly.

Possible solution: I have been using a plugin tmux-ressurect and making it use 100% however it isn’t fulfiling all the requirements. I will need some of the tweak to make it happen.

Work Stack!

Currently i have been handling backend stuff and few frontend stuffs. So currently i have to run behind the elasticsearch and few rails server.

  • 1. Elasticsearch/Kibana/Logstash
  • 2. Webpack Server
  • 3. Rails Server

Possible Solution: Previously, i have been installing native apps or version but the problem is ELASTICSEARCH was growing much resource hungrier. So, i am contenarizing such apps with DOCKER from the source and of course it needed some tweaks to fully work on my system. You can find the original source here!

Optional Stack! CLI STACK

As much as i love to my system VINTAGE, these all stack are CLI stack!

Additionally, i like to have following stuffs updated with me.

  • 1. Memory Usage
    I like to watch my memory usage often and stop the unwanted programs. I have been using htop for this purpose. Really looks nice!
  • 2. Music Player
    I have been using mpsyt which is Terminal based YouTube player and downloader.
  • 3. Reddit
    I don’t say i am redditer but would like to toggle now and then.

  • 4. DuckDuckGo
    This is currently new search for me. I have yet to explore more.

  • 5. Hacker News
    This is one of my favorite HN cli.

  • 6. Slack
    This is my official communication app for work mostly and all time. Just added emoji support to it. :D
  • 7. Docker Container Manager
    A Docker manager for the terminal. Since using docker for all operation, this is definitely a top on my list.

Conclusion: I have yet to write and optimize even more to make it faster. But currently these have been working fine for me. I would be much happier if you contact me and ask for any problems. Until then!