Digital marketing is very trendy and demanding field nowadays. It attracts most of the candidates to make their career in this. Many companies open their startup in digital marketing because of its huge demand and huge scope in the market. Almost every organization needs to hire the candidate for providing the online marketing services to their clients.

If you are a beginner and think to make your career in digital marketing field then it is the best career option for you. Many of the candidates are confused that how to start their career in SEO, what course they need to do, and which companies provide the job opportunities in this? I want to say only one thing that if you are passionate to learn about internet marketing and want to do make your career bright than it is the right time to start.

Follow these tips to start your career in SEO.

Take some Basic knowledge: First step to make your career in this field is to start developing your basic knowledge. Start learning from basics of marketing. Try to understand the concept of this. There are a number of blog available online; you can understand the whole concept by reading them. When you start reading about the marketing concept then you will come to know in which area you are interested the most.

Learn what comes under digital marketing: Digital marketing is a vast field. There are so many things to learn in this. Every day something new comes in this field, you can’t stop learning. There are so many things and options in digital marketing such as SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC and many more things. Make a list of all the options and decide in which you want to make your career

Make a list of institutes: If you want to do some professional course in this then it is better for you to make a list of all the institutes which provided the proper tanning in this. As a fresher, you can start your career by taking internship from any company in digital marketing. You can learn more in on-job training rather than from any institute or coaching center. There are so many companies in Delhi, Noida which provide the internship in SEO, SMO.

You can also study from video lectures, there are ample of tutorials available online. You can also learn from there. You can do an online course in this and also you can do google certification in AdWords.

Search for jobs: After completion of your study or training in digital marketing if you want to get a job in this then start searching for a job. Explore the internet to check which companies provided the job for the post of SEO, SMO, and SEM etc. There are lots of big reputed companies such as Amazon, TCS and Google also hires the candidates for SEO jobs. Forgetting a job you need to clear your bachelor degree from any discipline. At the entry level, you can earn good amount of salary if you have more knowledge and after gaining some experience you can earn more as well as you can get a higher job post of SEO specialist, SEO manager etc.

It is a best career option if someone is passionate this career option definitely gives you a bright future. Increase your knowledge and experience and become a part of your dream company.

Khusboo Setiya

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